Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps

Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps

Tai LopezI choose to write about Tai Lopez’s because I believe that was the foundation to the changes I’ve made in my personal life.  If I had listened to Reddit’s comments on the 67 steps I would have probably skipped over buying into his program.

Tai Lopez’s commercial with him in his garage with a wall full of books, and a Ferrari was one of the worst commercials I’ve ever seen.  I decided to check out to see what it was all about anyways.  After scrolling through all his bullshit testimonials on his website, and sitting through a bunch of videos I was still intrigued.  Soon I noticed if you cut out all the up-selling pitches the base price of the 67 steps was actually only 67 dollars.

Tai was able to get another 35 out of me with his VIP vault pitch, but at that time I had so much content left to go through that it wasn’t even worth it.  I cancelled that real quick, but not quick enough as they charged me that 35.  So all in all the investment of a measly $102 was far worth it.  I have to say his website is very clunky, and difficult to navigate.  He encouraged discussion on his pages, but the cumbersome website didn’t allow much of it.

67 Steps to the Good life

The Good Life is the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’ll be going more in depth on exactly what the good life is for me in later posts.

Nothing is worth $102 unless its worth $102 – duh!  The point I’m trying to make is that anything is worth the money as long as it valuable to you.  The reason I paid anything for these unknown steps is because of my why.

What is the biggest reason that you got into the program? (asks Tai)

I want to change my life, stop living paycheck to paycheck and stop thinking about how little I’m paid.  I’m tired of coming up with ways to make every dime stretch.  When my grandfather passed, half the town was at his wake.  There was a damn good reason behind that – he had status. I want to be successful for myself, my dad, my wife, my family and my future kids

Knowing your why is the driving factor behind all your decisions.  The reason I’m where I am right now is because of my why.  My why necessarily about the money as you can tell by the fact that income was never in that sentence.  My why was about my success, my status, my dad, and my future.

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