Step 4: Picasso’s Rising Tide & The Law of 33%

Step 4:

Picasso’s Rising Tide & The Law of 33% are two topics that actually have something in common.  As I said in Step 1, Tai loves to bring together multiple topics into one post.  He does this because if the “67 Steps” were the “188 Steps” the perceived difficulty would be too great to attract new customers.  I’m sure you can recollect a number of weight loss advertisements that claimed you could lose weight by following these “7 Simple Steps”.  The fact of the matter is that when things are easy they are much more often attempted.

PicassoPicasso’s Rising Ride is about his rise to being known as one the Top Painters in History.  As he says “Good Artists copy, Great artists steal” which alludes to the fact that he stole techniques from the best artists, only to build upon them.

The Law of 33% is referring to the fact that you should spent 33% of your time learning from mentors.  Tai suggests that you should find mentors who are 10-20 years ahead of you and learn from them.  He does mention that Mentors can be very rough around the edges so you need to be able to hang with that.

Great Artists Steal

One of my first mentors (the law of 33%) taught me that building upon business models was the best way to get successful.  He would always say to “never try to reinvent the wheel” but rather to “follow what works”.   That’s exactly what he did with his Carpet Cleaning Business.

Eric found that Carpet Cleaning was such a phone driven business so he decided to build a website, and let it gain some age before he even setup his business.  His last website   was sitting in Stamford, CT for about 6 months before he even opened a business there.  That whole system was learned from a competitor (I won’t name who) in the area, and then he simply stole that system to use it for his own business.


Who are the 10 mentors you are going to seek out and what is your plan to learn from them?

Seana, Ian, Cousin Kevin Ski, My father, Kirk, Melisa – I have 6 off the top of my head.  I’d like to get more after I see where those lead me.  My plan is to go down for a week with Ian and learn all I can about his system, why it works, how the exercises are chosen, his population, running his own business and more.  My Cousin Kevin, I’ll need to wait till I get up there for skiing, but he’s a interesting fellow – I’d like to find his golden nugget.

My father is a very successful man. I’d like to know how he got so successful.  Lastly Kirk from 203 is also living the good life, he’s got a great job, family and just bought a new house;  I’d like to learn more about that.  Lastly, I’m going to pay Melissa from 203, 40$ to work on my shoulder, and get her story as well.


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