Step #1 The Billionaire’s Brain and Jennifer Lopez’s Voice

Step 1

Most of these steps as you’ll soon realize are broken down into different unrelated categories.  In Step 1 there are two major themes.  The first them is Jennifer Lopez’s (not Tai’s wife – no family ties) Voice; the second step is a Billionaire’s Brain.  These two steps being totally unrelated kind of puzzle you at first, but there is a good reason behind this.

The reason that there are only 67 steps is because 67 sounds a lot more manageable than 150 or so.  Tai simply takes 2-3 different steps, and rolls into one throughout the videos.

Jennifer Lopez’s Voice

Jennifer LopezOne I got over my own ego and started to listen to exactly what this step was all about I realized that this guy Tai Lopez really knows his stuff.  He said that flat out JLO’s voice wasn’t that great!  It was her other qualities, that along with the voice made a difference.  She was an amazing dancer, model, and actress.  She had it all, and that’s how she made it to stardom.

Billionaire’s Brain

Besides the shitty layout of Tai’s website & non-app program the second part to this video was the Billionaire’s brain.  The billionaire’s brain is about the awareness factor.  In Tai’s interview with Joel Salatin he talks about the awareness factor. A rich man’s brain sees so much more than the average person.  Tai puts a lot of emphasis on being aware, and have a huge awareness factor in order to be successful.

There are three types of people in each situation:

  1. The action taker who acts immediately when there is a crisis
  2. The avoider who takes their time, and only acts when they absolutely need to
  3. The wonderer who watches from a distance to see what happens

Who do you think gets paid the most? Hint, its not the avoider or the watcher…


At the end of every Step there are a series of questions that Tai expects you to answer on his website.  You can tell as you go through the questions that there is a significant decline in number of people that actually took the time to answer the questions as the steps go on.

What is your plan to start deserving more in life?

My awareness factor is about a 5 out of 10, and I’m a serious watcher.  I’ll notice something that will happen and do nothing about it.  I now will be re-wiring my brain to take action.  I need to take time to create habits, and get more organized to be successful in my work life.  I need to increase my give a damn factor and deserve success.

I thought this video was great because JLO has a terrible voice, and her lyrics aren’t that creative either.  She makes up for it by being great looking, able to dance with the best, and working with other good artists.  I could do the same thing.  I hate to talk bad about myself, but at my job my timing is way off.  I have some other things that compliment that negative, but I need to get the whole package.