Step 2: Blue-Footed Booby Birds, ESS & The 500 Year Old Brain

Step 2:

The Blue-Footed Booby Bird is about as evolved as you can get.  These Blue Footed Boobybirds literally evolved their feet to survive.  ESS refers to Evolution Stable Strategies which basically states that throughout evolution you need to adapt to survive.

Tai next talks about the 500 year old Brain, and this two is about adaptation.  In a nut shell the 500 year old brain challenges authority, but in our beaten down 2015 brain we don’t have the ability to challenge authority.  Take for example the Benjamin Franklin who was told repeatedly that he’d never do anything right.  Sure enough he did amazing things with his mind, because he was able to challenge authority.

What is the number one area that you have not evolved in and changed as quickly as you should have?

My last job!  I spent 5 long years there with 2 of them knowing that this career choice isn’t creating the lift I want.  I looked around and thought… “I’m just taking the easy way out, being that I’m a glorified gym teacher – its fun, and rewarding but I want to make money”  I have real goals such as being as successful as my father while having more time than he did to spent with my family.  Now I’m here, working hard to pursue the goal of having my own fitness business, and wishing I had those 2 years under my belt.

**This post was written about a year and a half ago.  I now have my own fitness business, and my last month’s revenue was the highest its ever been.