Step 3: Sam Walton’s Night in a Brazilian Jail, Stealing from McDonalds & Michael Jordan’s Humility

Step 3:

Sam Walton’s Night in a Brazilian Jail refer to the fact that the creator of Walmart spent his time looking at every aspect of competitors stores.  He was caught by Brazilian authorities crawling on the ground of a store.  Sure enough, Sam didn’t speak a lick of English and couldn’t talk his way out of that situation.

Michael JordanStealing from McDonalds & Michael Jordan’s Humility is about just that… Humility.  Humility is the a hard concept for most people to understand, because we have so much pride in ourselves.  It’s about taking a mentor, and following the works of someone great.

Michael Jordan wasn’t known for his mentor, but for his greatness.  Every great business owner, real estate tycoon, and athlete had a mentor.  Often times we don’t recognize the greatness of the mentor, but rather the greatness of that athlete or businessman.

Putting things into Perspective

Sometimes it is difficult to compare yourself to the greats like Michael Jordan, because it seems that the success they had is so far out of your reach.  Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps will bring success to your life.  A good friend of mine by the name of Bill was the one who told me about the 67 steps to begin with.  He explained to me that following these steps totally changed the outlook he had on his Tree Service.

A Tree Service, and Michael Jordan have little in common.  After going through this step Bill explained that he immediately sought out a mentor.  Finding someone who obtained the same success that Bill wanted wasn’t easy.  Bill met a guy named Bart who owned a tree service a few towns over.  Since they weren’t in direct competition with others they actually became great friends.

Bart stressed the importance of having a website to attract new customers, instead of just sending out money mailers or putting ads in the newspaper.  Bill created his website and gained a ton of new business.  Bill really hit a home run when finding a mentor, and years later ended up buying Bart a new car for his gracious advice.


What steps are you taking to show more humility in your life, and how has this helped you in achieving your goals?

I’m a big exercise & weightlifting fanatic and in my opinion pretty good at it.  I recently switched careers to pursue personal training in hopes of opening up a gym some day.  I got a part-time job at a small studio, and thought I wouldn’t learn anything.

After reading this chapter I decided to swallow my pride, and ask my boss to mentor me to be a great fitness business owner.  My boss was absolutely thrilled with my inquiry and I gained a lot of behind the scenes knowledge. Combining this new knowledge with the information gained by surveying competitors I had enough to open up my own business.

After opening my own business I’ve grossed more than I ever have in careers prior.  Of course my old boss wasn’t thrilled that I learned a lot and left!