Step 5: My Poor Friends & Cameron Diaz’s Parrot

Step 5:

To mix it up a bit I decided to give you a little glimpse of what other people thought about step 5 of Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps with my buddy Phil.

I liked the bit about Cameraon Diaz’s parrot because it funny, but it make sense.  Rich people repeat and talk about ideas of people who are richer, or famous instead of talking about their own ideas.


My friend Neil is always struggling with his $$ and I notice that he spends so much time facebooking about his opinions and complaining about his personal issues.

It’s almost time to just block him out, because I don’t want to have to read that stuff.  My best friend is the richest person I know, he makes more than double what my wife and I make together and then some.  When we hang out, he never talks about issues, or complains, or starts many sentences with I..  On the other hand, I’m thinking I’m the poor friend.  I talk about myself often, instead of the newest book I read.  Damn.

As you can tell from reading my other posts such as Step 3 or 4 that I’m very hard on myself. As you should be because believing everything is your fault is always better than just making excuses for everything.


Step 4: Picasso’s Rising Tide & The Law of 33%

Step 4:

Picasso’s Rising Tide & The Law of 33% are two topics that actually have something in common.  As I said in Step 1, Tai loves to bring together multiple topics into one post.  He does this because if the “67 Steps” were the “188 Steps” the perceived difficulty would be too great to attract new customers.  I’m sure you can recollect a number of weight loss advertisements that claimed you could lose weight by following these “7 Simple Steps”.  The fact of the matter is that when things are easy they are much more often attempted.

PicassoPicasso’s Rising Ride is about his rise to being known as one the Top Painters in History.  As he says “Good Artists copy, Great artists steal” which alludes to the fact that he stole techniques from the best artists, only to build upon them.

The Law of 33% is referring to the fact that you should spent 33% of your time learning from mentors.  Tai suggests that you should find mentors who are 10-20 years ahead of you and learn from them.  He does mention that Mentors can be very rough around the edges so you need to be able to hang with that.

Great Artists Steal

One of my first mentors (the law of 33%) taught me that building upon business models was the best way to get successful.  He would always say to “never try to reinvent the wheel” but rather to “follow what works”.   That’s exactly what he did with his Carpet Cleaning Business.

Eric found that Carpet Cleaning was such a phone driven business so he decided to build a website, and let it gain some age before he even setup his business.  His last website   was sitting in Stamford, CT for about 6 months before he even opened a business there.  That whole system was learned from a competitor (I won’t name who) in the area, and then he simply stole that system to use it for his own business.


Who are the 10 mentors you are going to seek out and what is your plan to learn from them?

Seana, Ian, Cousin Kevin Ski, My father, Kirk, Melisa – I have 6 off the top of my head.  I’d like to get more after I see where those lead me.  My plan is to go down for a week with Ian and learn all I can about his system, why it works, how the exercises are chosen, his population, running his own business and more.  My Cousin Kevin, I’ll need to wait till I get up there for skiing, but he’s a interesting fellow – I’d like to find his golden nugget.

My father is a very successful man. I’d like to know how he got so successful.  Lastly Kirk from 203 is also living the good life, he’s got a great job, family and just bought a new house;  I’d like to learn more about that.  Lastly, I’m going to pay Melissa from 203, 40$ to work on my shoulder, and get her story as well.


Step 3: Sam Walton’s Night in a Brazilian Jail, Stealing from McDonalds & Michael Jordan’s Humility

Step 3:

Sam Walton’s Night in a Brazilian Jail refer to the fact that the creator of Walmart spent his time looking at every aspect of competitors stores.  He was caught by Brazilian authorities crawling on the ground of a store.  Sure enough, Sam didn’t speak a lick of English and couldn’t talk his way out of that situation.

Michael JordanStealing from McDonalds & Michael Jordan’s Humility is about just that… Humility.  Humility is the a hard concept for most people to understand, because we have so much pride in ourselves.  It’s about taking a mentor, and following the works of someone great.

Michael Jordan wasn’t known for his mentor, but for his greatness.  Every great business owner, real estate tycoon, and athlete had a mentor.  Often times we don’t recognize the greatness of the mentor, but rather the greatness of that athlete or businessman.

Putting things into Perspective

Sometimes it is difficult to compare yourself to the greats like Michael Jordan, because it seems that the success they had is so far out of your reach.  Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps will bring success to your life.  A good friend of mine by the name of Bill was the one who told me about the 67 steps to begin with.  He explained to me that following these steps totally changed the outlook he had on his Tree Service.

A Tree Service, and Michael Jordan have little in common.  After going through this step Bill explained that he immediately sought out a mentor.  Finding someone who obtained the same success that Bill wanted wasn’t easy.  Bill met a guy named Bart who owned a tree service a few towns over.  Since they weren’t in direct competition with others they actually became great friends.

Bart stressed the importance of having a website to attract new customers, instead of just sending out money mailers or putting ads in the newspaper.  Bill created his website and gained a ton of new business.  Bill really hit a home run when finding a mentor, and years later ended up buying Bart a new car for his gracious advice.


What steps are you taking to show more humility in your life, and how has this helped you in achieving your goals?

I’m a big exercise & weightlifting fanatic and in my opinion pretty good at it.  I recently switched careers to pursue personal training in hopes of opening up a gym some day.  I got a part-time job at a small studio, and thought I wouldn’t learn anything.

After reading this chapter I decided to swallow my pride, and ask my boss to mentor me to be a great fitness business owner.  My boss was absolutely thrilled with my inquiry and I gained a lot of behind the scenes knowledge. Combining this new knowledge with the information gained by surveying competitors I had enough to open up my own business.

After opening my own business I’ve grossed more than I ever have in careers prior.  Of course my old boss wasn’t thrilled that I learned a lot and left!


Step 2: Blue-Footed Booby Birds, ESS & The 500 Year Old Brain

Step 2:

The Blue-Footed Booby Bird is about as evolved as you can get.  These Blue Footed Boobybirds literally evolved their feet to survive.  ESS refers to Evolution Stable Strategies which basically states that throughout evolution you need to adapt to survive.

Tai next talks about the 500 year old Brain, and this two is about adaptation.  In a nut shell the 500 year old brain challenges authority, but in our beaten down 2015 brain we don’t have the ability to challenge authority.  Take for example the Benjamin Franklin who was told repeatedly that he’d never do anything right.  Sure enough he did amazing things with his mind, because he was able to challenge authority.

What is the number one area that you have not evolved in and changed as quickly as you should have?

My last job!  I spent 5 long years there with 2 of them knowing that this career choice isn’t creating the lift I want.  I looked around and thought… “I’m just taking the easy way out, being that I’m a glorified gym teacher – its fun, and rewarding but I want to make money”  I have real goals such as being as successful as my father while having more time than he did to spent with my family.  Now I’m here, working hard to pursue the goal of having my own fitness business, and wishing I had those 2 years under my belt.

**This post was written about a year and a half ago.  I now have my own fitness business, and my last month’s revenue was the highest its ever been.



Step #1 The Billionaire’s Brain and Jennifer Lopez’s Voice

Step 1

Most of these steps as you’ll soon realize are broken down into different unrelated categories.  In Step 1 there are two major themes.  The first them is Jennifer Lopez’s (not Tai’s wife – no family ties) Voice; the second step is a Billionaire’s Brain.  These two steps being totally unrelated kind of puzzle you at first, but there is a good reason behind this.

The reason that there are only 67 steps is because 67 sounds a lot more manageable than 150 or so.  Tai simply takes 2-3 different steps, and rolls into one throughout the videos.

Jennifer Lopez’s Voice

Jennifer LopezOne I got over my own ego and started to listen to exactly what this step was all about I realized that this guy Tai Lopez really knows his stuff.  He said that flat out JLO’s voice wasn’t that great!  It was her other qualities, that along with the voice made a difference.  She was an amazing dancer, model, and actress.  She had it all, and that’s how she made it to stardom.

Billionaire’s Brain

Besides the shitty layout of Tai’s website & non-app program the second part to this video was the Billionaire’s brain.  The billionaire’s brain is about the awareness factor.  In Tai’s interview with Joel Salatin he talks about the awareness factor. A rich man’s brain sees so much more than the average person.  Tai puts a lot of emphasis on being aware, and have a huge awareness factor in order to be successful.

There are three types of people in each situation:

  1. The action taker who acts immediately when there is a crisis
  2. The avoider who takes their time, and only acts when they absolutely need to
  3. The wonderer who watches from a distance to see what happens

Who do you think gets paid the most? Hint, its not the avoider or the watcher…


At the end of every Step there are a series of questions that Tai expects you to answer on his website.  You can tell as you go through the questions that there is a significant decline in number of people that actually took the time to answer the questions as the steps go on.

What is your plan to start deserving more in life?

My awareness factor is about a 5 out of 10, and I’m a serious watcher.  I’ll notice something that will happen and do nothing about it.  I now will be re-wiring my brain to take action.  I need to take time to create habits, and get more organized to be successful in my work life.  I need to increase my give a damn factor and deserve success.

I thought this video was great because JLO has a terrible voice, and her lyrics aren’t that creative either.  She makes up for it by being great looking, able to dance with the best, and working with other good artists.  I could do the same thing.  I hate to talk bad about myself, but at my job my timing is way off.  I have some other things that compliment that negative, but I need to get the whole package.

Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps

Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps

Tai LopezI choose to write about Tai Lopez’s because I believe that was the foundation to the changes I’ve made in my personal life.  If I had listened to Reddit’s comments on the 67 steps I would have probably skipped over buying into his program.

Tai Lopez’s commercial with him in his garage with a wall full of books, and a Ferrari was one of the worst commercials I’ve ever seen.  I decided to check out to see what it was all about anyways.  After scrolling through all his bullshit testimonials on his website, and sitting through a bunch of videos I was still intrigued.  Soon I noticed if you cut out all the up-selling pitches the base price of the 67 steps was actually only 67 dollars.

Tai was able to get another 35 out of me with his VIP vault pitch, but at that time I had so much content left to go through that it wasn’t even worth it.  I cancelled that real quick, but not quick enough as they charged me that 35.  So all in all the investment of a measly $102 was far worth it.  I have to say his website is very clunky, and difficult to navigate.  He encouraged discussion on his pages, but the cumbersome website didn’t allow much of it.

67 Steps to the Good life

The Good Life is the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’ll be going more in depth on exactly what the good life is for me in later posts.

Nothing is worth $102 unless its worth $102 – duh!  The point I’m trying to make is that anything is worth the money as long as it valuable to you.  The reason I paid anything for these unknown steps is because of my why.

What is the biggest reason that you got into the program? (asks Tai)

I want to change my life, stop living paycheck to paycheck and stop thinking about how little I’m paid.  I’m tired of coming up with ways to make every dime stretch.  When my grandfather passed, half the town was at his wake.  There was a damn good reason behind that – he had status. I want to be successful for myself, my dad, my wife, my family and my future kids

Knowing your why is the driving factor behind all your decisions.  The reason I’m where I am right now is because of my why.  My why necessarily about the money as you can tell by the fact that income was never in that sentence.  My why was about my success, my status, my dad, and my future.